MakeSomething Big

As already announced in my social media channels, at any time everyone reaches a point at which he must make a decision. So did I. This decision was not easy for me and I have had to fight for a long time. Ultimately, after a long pause and after weighing all the pros and cons, I gave myself a jerk.

My kind of work, the area I cover, demands increasingly more details which I could no longer meet with my equipment. Against the opinion of many photographers, 8, 12 or even 24 megapixels (MP) are no longer sufficient for some areas of photography. So I have to severely separate from my beloved Canon 1DX.





Contrary to the title “Make Something Big” I have made my equipment rather smaller. After years of photographing with the 1DX, a colossus that weighing just 1.3 kg, the form factor and the weight of the 5Ds with approx. 800 gr. is a welcome relief.

I am of course aware that the maximum of the 5Ds is not 50 megapixels and that the end of the flagpole is reached much earlier. This is due to the sensor size and the lenses that are used. Details are available at DxOMark the central authority for such questions. And compared to the 1DX I do have much more details and I’m more flexible when it comes to image editing.

The serious system differences, however, are the following: On the one hand, the 5Ds forces through the 50 megapixel sensor a different workflow as the 1DX or the 35mm format. On the other hand, the results are sometimes somewhat more interesting because of the details. These are the moments when you look at a photo and perceive a difference without being able to say exactly what it is.