Smart Casual – The new collection of the Berlin based designer Michaela Zunderer captivates with a sporty elegant style which is unparalleled. A modern, casual cut convinces completely.

Based on “zen”, which loosely translated means “Living life – in all its fullness”, according to the teaching it does not need to be searched, it is always there. This is the continued, full and conscious awareness of the present moment.

Live your lifein all its fullness

She has tried to make that her own and build upon her own present moment. The visualization of her ideas, her thoughts but also her feelings are reflected in the shape and color, the different techniques and those repetitive forms. All this contributes to the overall concept.

Remember tonever give up on your dreams

If you do not polarize, nobody pays attention to you. If attention is what you need – do something. Every single person you are currently paying attention to was at a certain point in his life in the same situation. They stuck to their ideas and worked hard to realize them, so that others might be drawn to it. Stay true to yourself, find your own line, do what you want to because you believe in it.

As a newcomer designer, Michaela Zunderer creates not only portable and futuristic fashion, she combines sport with the classic style. In addition, she creates even costumes that are also part of her portfolio. However, these are mainly for performance artists.

We all can be excited to see what her next collection would look like…