Remember to
never give up on your dreams

If you do not polarize, nobody pays attention to you. If attention is what you need – do something. Every single person I am currently paying attention to was at a certain point in his life in the same situation. They stuck to their ideas and worked hard to realize them, so that others might be drawn to it.

I am so excited and overwhelmed today to inform you that I have adhered to my ideas and made it with the heading Scandals for the first time into the fashion magazine ELUCID Magazine.

ELUCID is the free distribution luxury fashion and lifestyle publication of New York City.

The term “Elucid” is derived from “elucidate”, meaning to give out light, and through ELUCID Magazine, they embellish the luxurious fashion, lifestyle, and culture of New York City in unique way.

ELUCID Magazine is New York, bringing you all the hottest fashion designers and photographers making a global name for themselves along with the complete lifestyle of New York City. Wether your a tourist or local, ELUCID Magazine is a reader’s destination for true New York experience. Shopping, dinning, the arts, beauty, entertainment and everything in between – ELUCID Magazine features them with creativity and showcases them to grab readers’ attention.

ELUCID Magazine March 2017 Scandals

All of my pictures can be seen directly on the ELUCID Magazine website, on their Facebook page, as well as on Instagram.

Thank you ELUCID and also thank you Ankit Rauniyar for this opportunity. Of course, I would also like to thank the whole team: Nadine Guder (Model) and Mandy Mais (Makeup Artist) for this sensational performance and dedication.