December 2017EYE-Photo Magazine

The year 2017 is drawing to a close and I would like to share with you one more thing just before Christmas. For the first time I have made it with over 7 double pages into the December Issue of the EYE-Photo Magazine!

Tragic reasons could have endangered this publication, even the whole magazine. Stefan Cimer, the Founder and Editor in Chief of the EYE-Photo Magazine, was in very bad health. So much that he had to grasp the idea of completely ceasing his work and his passion. For a long time Stefan had to retire for health reasons and has left his creation completely to his editors. During this time he dedicated himself exclusively to his recovery — with success! For some time he has not only been with us again — no, it seems he’s never been away.

I am very happy Stefan, that you are well and healthy again! At this point a huge shout-out to your editors!

I do not want to torture you any longer and give you hereby an insight view to the December Issue.

You can purchase a printed copy of the issue “EYE-Photo Magazine December 2017” directly from Blurb.

EYE-Photo Magazine is an independent, online magazine, providing a premium quality platform to talented and enthusiastic photographers from all over the world to present their work, regardless their genre.

Thank you EYE-Photo Magazine and thank you Stefan Cimer for this opportunity. Of cause, I would also like to thank: Waynette Posch (Model), Camille Späth (Model), Nadine Guder (Model), Elina Schrobitz (Model), Jelizaveta Voronina (Model), Barbara Maslak (Model), Isabell Herter (Model), Michelle E. Wolfe (Makeup Artist), Rahime Orhan (Makeup Artist), Mandy Mais (Makeup Artist) and Christine Rochlitz LUCKYNELLY (Designer) for this sensational performance and dedication.