THIS! Magazine Award

As chance does... I was looking for a new Facebook group. After a short search I got what I was searching for.

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EYE-Photo Magazine December 2017

The year 2017 is drawing to a close and I would like to share with you one more thing just before Christmas...

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Caught in the Reeds

It's just incredible. After less than one day after I published it, my picture "Caught in the Reeds" has made it straight on the cover of the German Stern View Magazine. Thank you…

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Sometimes simplicity is simply better

The ability of the minimalistic motif abstraction of the black and white process is decisive for the artistic intensification of an image and therefore for many the medium of…

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Red lips should be kissed

July 29th, one of the world's most curious holidays, in terms of red lips. At least when it comes to the American Huda Kattan, who was appointed in 2016 as the author of the…

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Model Citizen Magazine July 2017

What least for long will be a good one ... The publication had already been planned since the beginning of the year. A story or an interview about me was done at the time by Model…

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OBSCURAE June 2017

I can not hide my joy from being published in the OBSCURAE June 2017 Issue. And I will not only tell you this, no - I have to show it to you. After my publication in the ELUCID…

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Made for Identity

To be identified from others is not only just of your personality, your appearance or your own style - it is much more than that.

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Make Something Big

My kind of work, the area I cover, demands increasingly more details which I could no longer meet with my equipment.

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