There are lots of inspirations in daily life that make our thoughts flutter and let us think about possible projects. Be it a place, a person, a particular situation, a feeling, or even an object.

For Gilles Didier, an airbrush artist from France, it was my picture “Red Lips”. At the beginning of this year, I received a personal request from Gilles with the request to use one of my works as a template. My image Red Lips has tied him so much that he wanted to create his own kind of art.

I was so enthusiastic about the idea of seeing my picture as an airbrush artwork that I had no choice than to give Gilles the permission to fulfill his request.

Everyone has his personally favored tool to create works of art.


As a passionate amateur, as he likes to describe himself, Gilles has made its mission to capture my Red Lips picture on canvas.

Gilles as an artist, hence his work, was still completely unknown to me. After looking through his very diverse portfolio, I was blown away.

I was aware that it would take some time until the picture was finished. I could feel my enthusiasm growing day by day, and I felt resigned in time – like a child in anticipation of Christmas.

Gilles Didier. Artist
Airbrush Artist from Marcq en Baroeul, France

His works are exhibited in various art galleries. With his art, he not only fascinates art lovers, but also everyone else and inspires numerous visitors.



The selection of the required tools is essential to achieve its goal. The art is not to only “picture” a picture, it is all about the knowing how to.

It was a challenge to transmit the light reflections of the individual glass fragments so that they were realistic. What makes us successful as a photographer through the use of light is somewhat a different way of its art of recognizing light and its effect and to get it right.

Art belongs to the public


You should only think about what effect you want to achieve, how you can implement it and transfer it to others.

It is simply indescribable to be able to inspire others and I very much hope that my picture will find a place in his exhibition next to Morgan Freeman.

Thank you Gilles!

Red Lips Before Red Lips Art