As chancedoes

I was looking for a new Facebook group. After a short search I got what I was searching for.

Logo THIS! Black

The Fanpage of THIS! Magazines links to their own publication group. This group serves to present your own pictures. After a selection process and a nomination by the editors, your picture is ready for the publication on THIS! Magazines fanpage.

What can I say? The second picture, which I posted in the group, was nominated for a potential release in just a few minutes after release. Already this remuneration I felt very flattering. 12 hours later, I got the notification that my picture “Glasses, Diamonds & Chains” was not only nominated, but now also awarded in the category – Best of Color Publications – and published.

Thank you THIS! Magazine for this opportunity. Of course, I would also like to thank Elina Schrobitz (Model), Michelle E. Wolfe (Makeup Artist) und Robert Gnass (Assistant) for this sensational performance and dedication.

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