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What least for long will be a good one … The publication had already been planned since the beginning of the year. A story or an interview about me was done at the time by Model Citizen. Now you not only will be able to examine my selected works in the Model Citizen Magazine, on top of that you will also learn something about me and my intention to photography.

Furthermore, I can tell you that this was not all. A detailed interview with me will be published on the website of Model Citizen in the near future. Of course I will keep you informed about this here and on all my channels.

I am so excited and overwhelmed. Not only due to the fact that I am for the first time in the Model Citizen Magazine no I have also made it directly on the cover of the Model Citizen Magazine July 2017!

You can purchase a printed copy of the issue “Model Citizen Magazine July 2017” directly from Peecho.

Model Citizen Magazine is a magazine dedicated to the recognition of the most talented photographers, models and brands in the world.

Thank you Model Citizen Magazine for this opportunity. Of course, I would also like to thank: Elina Schrobitz (Model), Jelizaveta Voronina (Model), Kyunghae Kim (Model), Franziska Hell (Model), Waynette Posch (Model), Michelle E. Wolfe (Makeup Artist), Rahime Orhan (Makeup Artist), Ornella Termini (Makeup Artist), Mandy Mais (Makeup Artist), Christine Rochlitz LUCKYNELLY (Designer) and Michaela Zunderer (Designer) for this sensational performance and dedication.

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Christian Friedsam

A clean, eye-catching and accented style has become the hallmark of my work, whether shooting fashion and beauty editorials, look books, advertising campaigns or weddings. I am known for my creativity and collaboration with designers and stylists to create new looks.