Remember tonever give up on your dreams

If you do not polarize, nobody pays attention to you. If attention is what you need – do something. Every single person I am currently paying attention to was at a certain point in his life in the same situation. They stuck to their ideas and worked hard to realize them, so that others might be drawn to it.

I am so excited and overwhelmed today to inform you that I have adhered to my ideas and made it with the heading Beauty for the first time into the September issue of the fashion magazine ELEGANT Magazine.

You can purchase a copy of the issue “ELEGANT Magazine September 2016 Beauty #2” directly from Magcloud.

Logo ELEGANT Black

Launched in May 2013 by Francisco Valencia, ELEGANT is a Fashion, Beauty, Editorial and Conceptual art magazine that is published monthly in digital format as well as Print. ELEGANT focus on creative minds from around the world and are a gateway for aspiring artists, who deserve recognition of their work.

Thank you ELEGANT and also thank you Francisco Valencia for this opportunity. Of course, I would also like to thank the whole team: Waynette Posch (Model), Christine Rochlitz LUCKYNELLY (Designer) and Michelle E. Wolfe (Makeup Artist) for this sensational performance and dedication.