Circumstances & first impressions

For a highfashion advertising campaign, Christine Rochlitz a Berlin based designer and founder of the vegan accessories brand LUCKYNELLY, gave me this awesome golden cork feather jewelry.

Cork is a very fascinating material. Made from the bark of the cork oak, it looks like leather and it feels just like that, but it is 100% vegan.

The design, the look, the breathtaking quality and the extravagant appearance, have redefined my knowledge about the applications of cork.

It’s safe to say that because of the unique look,I’ve seen a lot of accessories.

A perfect fit

LUCKYNELLY succeeds not only genuine alternatives to leather, but also to introduce animal-friendly or vegan materials into the scene, thus giving them exclusivity.

Just cork, as an organic material, has the property of adapting itself to the body and its temperature, which, in addition to a very low weight, contributes to a unique wearing comfort.


Cork is used for all accessories, as well as genuine sean wood or genuine seam stone. LUCKYNELLY is certified by the animal welfare organization PETA with Approved Vegan. LUCKYNELLY does not support the use of animals for fashion and shows through innovative alternatives to leather that animal-friendly or vegan accessories can also be very chic and exclusive.

All materials that are used have a corresponding high quality and are produced in Milan, Italy, the “god father” of the fashion industry.

In addition to stylish and luxurious accessories, LUCKYNELLY also offers handbags made of innovative and vegan materials as an alternative to leather goods.