Take your time

There are lots of inspirations in daily life that make our thoughts flutter and let us think about possible projects. Be it a place, a person, a particular situation, a feeling, or even an object, as in my case, a simple pair of glasses.

Try to find out what exactly captivates you and does not want to let go. This is already half the rent. For me it was the strikingly red color, the lamellas and the fact that glasses distracts us very strongly and gives us a very anonymous and limited impression.

The idea was born. Red, striking and anonymous.

Put your idea in the right light. Decide what is important and what is not.


This is not about the perfect light. Rules are made to be broken. But to be able to break rules, the knowledge of those is a compelling requirement.

So as I, many associate anonymity with the color black. So my decision was a black background to adjust the mood accordingly. The background in the studio is white and a painting was out of the question. Sure, I could have grabbed a black backdrop but a focused light also serves the purpose.

As a main light, I chose a beauty dish with a white inner coating. I love this light shaper, which is just magical in the beauty and fashion photography. As a counterpart a reflector was used. Since the background was black, I had to think about how the model would stand out from that darkness and I chose two striplights. These emphasize the contours of the model and contribute to the separation of model and background.

What doesn't fit is made to fit and that should rather be done before than in post.

Pre instead of post

A stitch in time saves nine.

What you have already done right in the picture itself, saves you a lot of time in post and has far better results.

I knew from the beginning that the main part should be the glasses. So I had to hide all unimportant facts in order to draw the viewer’s eye onto the glasses. A simple color key, where the key element is colored and the rest is set to black and white, was generally excluded. Nevertheless, the red of the glasses, as a colored element, should be the only one.

The choice of a colorless background (in this case black) has already been taken. Because I did not want any more colors in the picture except the red of the glasses I had to get a solution for the skin that isn’t colorless. And what is simpler than to paint over? In short, the model has made the acquaintance with the color bucket and was applied in short with black theater color.

There are no rules in photography to realize its own ideas.

Free your mind

All I want to say is that there is no right or wrong. You should only think about what effect you want to achieve, how you can implement it and transfer it to others.

But the best way is not to deal 90% of your time by finding the right idea and how to implementing it, it is all about taking pictures and learning from mistakes. To understand how to get best results and how to reproduce them consistently.

The most important thing to improve in photography, however, is to share your work.